J. Madison Wellness | Manicures & Pedicures
J. Madison Wellness | Manicures & Pedicures
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Manicures & Pedicures

Hot Stone Pedicure

Stones provide heat retention and have energizing properties. Our Hot Stone Pedicure features the use of Hot Stones and essential oils. Our professional nail technicians use advanced massage techniques to relax the muscles and joints to relieve tension.



Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure

Soothe yourself from fingers to toes. Includes nail maintenance, polish change, hand/foot care, and massage for a complete experience.



Specialty Spa Pedicure

One-hour indulgence maintaining cuticles, callus removal, soap, scrub, polish, and masque.



Spa Pedicure

Take a 45 minutes and focus on a certain area of your choice that needs work. Maintaining cuticles, callus removal, soak, scrub, polish.



Steam Pedicure

This Pedicure is a Sauna for the Feet. It utilizes a Wooden Barrel with a Steam Generator to create a Sauna that opens Pores, Eliminates Dead Cells, and Softens Skin. This Earth-Friendly Alternative to a Foot Bath, made of Handcrafted Grade-A Hem-Fir, uses only 1 cup of water. This Pedicure may be Personalized by Adding a Few Drops of an Essential Oil chosen by the Client.

40 Minutes – $35


CND Shellac

This specialty service features CND Nail Shellac, which goes on like a polish, wears like a gel, lasts for approximately two weeks, and comes off with ease!

  • $30
  • <i$6
  • Shellac Removal ($6)


Specialty Spa Manicure

A step above the spa manicure, the specialty spa experience includes filing, callus removal, a scrub, and a masque.



Express Pedicure

Cuticle, filing, soak, polish... all you need for a quick refresher for your feet!



Spa Manicure with Paraffin

Our complete spa manicure with an added paraffin glove to soothe and soften hands.



Spa Manicure

Includes nail maintenance, polish change, hand care, and massage for the complete manicure experience.



Nail Artistry

Allow one of J. Madison's nail artists to add a special touch to any of your nail services.

$10 and Up


Polish Change

Made for our busy lives, a quick polish change will still leave your nails looking great!

Nails $10 Toes $15.00