J. Madison Wellness | Massage and Body Treatments
J. Madison Wellness | Massage and Body Treatments
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Massage and Body Treatments

Stress is the number one cause of ailments. J Madison has a team of highly skilled massage therapists who are able to identify your needs and provide customized experiences! Every massage begins with a consultation to determine your needs and is followed by a home care recommendation to reduce stress and regain balance.

Combine massage with our signature body or steam treatments to enhance the benefits and enjoy deeply hydrated and smooth skin. Benefits include: soothed muscles, improves circulation, and removal of dead skin cells, dirt and toxins from the skin.



While Swedish massage is definitely our most popular massage service, our skilled massage therapists can customize a treatment that is focused on your needs. Whether you’re an athlete needing deep tissue and effective stretches, a couple wanting to enjoy a hot stone massage side-by-side, or a Mother-to- Be needing a prenatal massage.

Swedish 30 min – $35 / 60 min – $65 / 90 min – $97 / 120 min – $130
Deep Tissue 30 min – $40 / 60 min – $75 / 90 min – $112
Ultimate 90 min – $110
Mother-To- Be 60 min – $70
Couple’s Swedish 60 min – $130 / 90 min – $195
Hot Stone 60 min – $85
Cold Stone Migraine Therapy 45 min – $50
Reflexology 30 min – $40


Body and Steam Treatments

Our steam treatments feature the Steamy Wonder, an environmentally friendly system that is useful for anyone looking for the health benefits associated with a steam sauna. This portable steam sauna provides relaxation for everyone who experiences it. Guests can lie comfortably on a soft massage table and have complete privacy under the steam canopy. Regular body treatment benefits include:

  • Detoxification
  • Skin Improvement
  • Stress Relief
  • Relief of Joint Pain
  • Ease of Muscle Aches
  • Improved Circulation
  • Weight Loss
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Allergy Relief

Browse through our body and steam treatments. Many of the treatments can be combined with a massage to enhance the benefits and enjoy deeply hydrated and smooth skin.

Herbal Steam 90 min – $80
Eucalyptus Steam 60 min – $65
Contour Body Wrap 90 min – $120
Moor Mud Wrap 90 min – $110
Ayurvedic Mud Massage 90 min – $110
Radiant Salt Glow 90 min – $80
Citrus Bliss Body Scrub 60 min – $70
Hot Oil Scalp Massage 30 min – $30
Ear Candling $30