J. Madison Wellness | Monthly Spa Features
J. Madison Wellness | Monthly Spa Features
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Monthly Spa Features


Features Available starting January 1st thru January 31st


Spiced Golden Pear Facial


Holiday Memories come to life through Spicy Scents. This facial includes a golden spiced enzyme with a frankincense/myrrh masque. If you are looking for Hydration and Moisturizing then schedule your appointment this month only!


45 Minutes $50.00




Rest and Relaxation Duet


Beat post-Holiday stress with this relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. Two therapists will work in unison to provide both face, scalp and reflexology massage. Customize your experience with a choice of either uplifting, relaxing or sinus-busting aromatherapy.


60 Minutes $150.00




Eucalyptus Spa Pedicure with Paraffin


You will be pleased with this Eucalyptus Spa Pedicure. Reap the benefits of receiving all the necessary care to achieve healthier looking and feeling feet. We’ve added on our paraffin to this service for you. But which will you pick? Hands or Feet?


90 Minutes $59.00




Loma Scalp Treatment


The treatment unclogs hair follicles, releasing natural conditioning oils. It stimulates blood flow so nutrients can better reach the scalp and nourish hair. Using oils and gently exfoliating the scalp, followed by a deep conditioning treatment and a shampoo & style.


60 Minutes $40.00




Features Available starting February 1st thru February 28th


Lover’s Lane


A perfect date for You and Your Sweetheart! Enjoy a side-by-side Chocolate Cherry Scented Swedish Massage.


60 Minutes $140.00




I Heart Me


Treat Yourself to an Hour of Hot Stone Therapy. A Full body Massage combining one of our favorite modalities with Decadent Chocolate Scented Oil.


60 Minutes $90.00




Pal-entine’s Day


Bring along your BFF! You’ll each be booked for a Relaxing Caramel Scented Swedish Massage. Your choice of side by side or separate rooms.


60 Minutes $140.00




Chocolate & Roses Specialty Spa Pedicure


After a Relaxing Rose Petal Soak, this Incredible Decadent Chocolate Specialty Spa Pedicure will Stimulate your Senses and Leave your Feet feeling Soft and Smooth.


60 Minutes $50.00




Cherry Chocolate Duo Facial


Love is in the Air with this made-for-each-other Cherry and Chocolate Duo.
This Perfect Couple will Warm your Skin and Tantalize with the Indulgent Scents of Cherry & Chocolate.
Exfoliate & Brighten the Skin while Promoting Deep Hydration and Relieving the surface signs of Aging.


45 Minutes $45.00