J. Madison Wellness | Monthly Spa Features
J. Madison Wellness | Monthly Spa Features
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Monthly Spa Features


Features Available starting September 1st thru September 30th


Ultimate Autumn Massage


Fall in Love with this Seasonal Frankincense Scented Massage which incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue enhanced with heated bamboo, golf balls, and Hot Stones for the Ultimate Autumn Relaxation.


90 Minutes $115.00




Expurtise Skin Perfecting Hemp Facial


This breakthrough treatment is scientifically formulated to yield maximum results with the powerful anti-inflammatory benefits of 100% help derived CBD. Each step pampers skin with certified organic extracts while delivering hydrating and restorative nutrients, vitamins and minerals to provide a brighter more even complexion. Your results will be soft, supple skin that is rejuvenated and calmed. Regular treatments will allow skin to rebuild a healthy youthful complexion.


60 Minutes $115.00




Cinnamon Apple Peach Specialty Spa Pedicure


This treatment includes: nail trimming and filling, cuticle work, callus elimination, deliciously scented sugar exfoliant, followed by a deep moisturizing mask and herbal steam towel. Next, a silky moisturizer will be applied and thoroughly massaged into your skin. Finish the service with the polish color of your choice.


60 Minutes $55.00





Features Available starting October 1st thru Ocotber 31st


Collagen Peptide Facial


Delight your skin with an intense moisture boost as well as sustained hydration. The Collagen and Peptides will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Designed to plump, tighten and tone, it’s the treatment that keeps on giving and giving and giving. You will leave with skin that looks and feels amazing!


60 Minutes $95.00




Vanilla Pumpkin Specialty Pedicure


A delicious fragrant fall treatment! Along with nail and cuticle work, this pedicure utilizes vanilla pumpkin scrub to gently remove dead skin and calluses. The moisturizing mask is applied to your feet and wrapped in hot towels to soften the top layers of skin leaving it silky. The legs and feet are then enveloped in a rich vanilla pumpkin lotion accompanied during a relaxing massage. Finish with a fall color polished to perfection.


60 minutes $55.00




Warm Cinnamon Bun Hot Towel Massage


Indulge yourself this October with a Hot Towel Massage which provides moist heat to promote deep relaxation. Hot Towels are applied after each body part is massaged. A light application of Warm Cinnamon Bun massage oil is applied for scent and moisture.


90 Minutes $75.00