J. Madison Wellness | Monthly Spa Features
J. Madison Wellness | Monthly Spa Features
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Monthly Spa Features


Features Available starting August 1st thru August 31st


Tropical Beach Facial


Transport to a Tropical Oasis with this Exotic Facial! We’ve mixed Papayas, Coconut and Seaweed to help your skin achieve a soft and smooth Texture. These ingredients are packed with Vitamins, Nutrients and the Coconut will allow product absorption.


45 minutes $60.00




Watermelon Specialty Spa Pedicure


Enjoy a pink watermelon beverage during this summery pedicure. It starts with nail and cuticle work then callus elimination. Next, the sweet scent of watermelon fills the air during an exfoliating sugar scrub treatment. Followed by a soothing moisture masque accompanied by herbal steam towels. Finish with a relaxing leg and foot massage and toes polished to perfection.


60 Minutes $53.00




“Cool Summer Upgrade”


Beat the heat with this refreshing upgrade to your massage. Choose between either a sinus buster or leg soothing treatment.


15 minutes $15.00





Features Available starting September 1st thru September 30th


Caviar Collagen Facial


Envelope your skin in rich Vitamins which are vital to skin cell regeneration. Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid encourages hydration and decreases appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


45 minutes $75.00




Apple & Brown Sugar Body Polish


Slough off that summer skin and get ready for a new season with this exfoliating treatment. Your treatment begins with a delicious autumnal scented sugar scrub, followed by a warm rain bar massage. We conclude your session with a matching scented moisturizer application and relaxing face and scalp massage.


60 Minutes $65.00




Caramel Apple Specialty Spa Pedicure


NEPA Fair Season is approaching!
So what better way to prepare but with this Caramel Apple Specialty Pedicure!
Enjoy nail trimming and filling, cuticle work, callus elimination, deliciously scented sugar exfoliant, followed by a deep moisturizing mask and herbal steam towel. Next, Caramel Apple Lotion will be applied and thoroughly massaged into your skin. Finish your Service with a nice Fall Color on your Toenails.


60 minutes $53.00