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Venus Freeze


Venus Freeze

Luxury, quality & comfort

● One system for non-surgical fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening for face, neck and body.
● Effective – Results visible after the first treatment. Permanent results in as little as two treatments.
● Absolutely no downtime at all. Patients can go right back to work and play right after a treatment.
● Can be used by all skin types and all body parts including the face, arms, abdomen, thighs,buttocks, and neck.
● Venus Freeze fits easily into a busy lifestyle because it requires a minimal amount of time per treatment (20-30 minutes), and only requires a treatment per week (for 6-8 weeks).
● Completely pain-free and safe to both the operator and the patient.
● 100% safe. No horror stories, no burns, no bruises, etc.
● Treatments are pleasant, comfortable and relaxing.
● Trusted by top plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide.

Venus Eye Laxity $90
Series of 8 $ 630


Venus Freeze Face $125
Series of 8 $1050


Venus Freeze Decollete$75
Series of 8 $525


Venus Freeze Arms $150
Series of 8 $ 875


Venus Freeze Buttocks$ 150
Series of 8 $1050


Venus Freeze Brow $50
Series of 8 $350


Venus Freeze Neck$125
Series of 8 $ 875


Venus Freeze Abdomen$ 150
Series of 8 $ 1050


Venus Freeze Bra Line$150
Series of 8 $1050


Venus Freeze Thighs$150
Series of 8 $1050